We thank you for your active participation in the Integral Leadership Program (EILP) at Notre Dame. Since launching this new offering for Notre Dame 18 months ago, we have run several sessions of EILP and believe that it is prudent to better understand the ROI that our customers are experiencing as a consequence of EILP. Your valuable feedback on this survey will enable us to make appropriate changes to the program, develop appropriate follow-up products and measure the value-added for participants. Your individual feedback will be kept anonymous and confidential.

The survey should take you about 15 minutes to complete. Please complete and submit this survey by no later than October 27th. Should you have any questions about the survey, please contact Racquel Dolson. Thank you very much for your time and insights on this survey!

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1. EILP has equipped me with new tools in such areas as effective communication, conflict resolution and decision making for greater leadership effectiveness.
2. EILP has enabled me to lead and manage more consciously.
3. EILP has helped me to choose actions, behaviors and responses that enable me to stay conscious of my values while pursuing the goals.
4. I have a greater regard for values-driven leadership as a consequence of participating in EILP.
5. EILP has helped me to recognize my leadership strengths and development opportunities.
6. As a consequence of EILP, I am pursuing further development for myself.
7. As a consequence of EILP, I recognize that development of people should be systemic (e.g., increasing their cognitive, interpersonal and moral capabilities) for the greatest leadership impact.
8. The Pathfinder process has helped me to make significant progress on a key issue or problem within my organization.
9. The integral approach to leadership (quadrants, levels and lines) is a useful framework for me in business.
10. I analyze business issues from a multi-dimensional perspective as a consequence of participating in EILP.
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11. I think about the different value mindsets when trying to analyze collaboration and/or conflict among people within my organization.
12. EILP has expanded my network of colleagues and expert resources for greater future success.
13. The Health & Wellness Coaching enabled me to recognize my most important health issues.
14. I am integrating changes in lifestyle and health choices for increased health benefits.
15. The Leadership Assessment & Coaching enabled me to recognize my strengths and development areas as reported by self and important others (e.g., management, peers, direct reports, etc.).
16. I am working on improving my development areas for greater leadership competence.
17. I have used the information gained in the Coaching Session to improve my interactions with others within and outside of my organization.
18. I can articulate the stage of development in which I am operating (e.g., in terms of my relationship to others and to work) and realize that my development is a “journey.”
19. Since attending EILP, I have spent time reflecting on how to improve myself as a leader.
Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
20. I am more conscious of my choices in an interaction (e.g., being a victim versus a player, acting with integrity, etc.).
21. I am conducting more effective “difficult conversations” (e.g., balancing effective inquiry with effective advocacy, separating facts from opinions, etc.).
22. I am more effective at identifying emotional conflict from operational conflict.
23. I use creative negotiation and escalation techniques.
24. I am more effective at communicating (e.g., requests, offers, and apologies).
25. I use more emotional intelligence (e.g., empathy and interpersonal skills).
26. I am more reflective and conscious of my personal vision and values.
27. I am more effective at evaluating the costs and benefits of alternative actions and decisions.
28. I am more effective at reading the behavior of individuals and/or organizations in competitive situations.
29. I am more innovative.
30. I have initiated substantive change within my organization.
31. Since attending EILP I have used the knowledge/skills learned at EILP to improve my leadership capability.
32. My application of the knowledge/skills gained through EILP has resulted specifically in increased business for my organization.
33. My application of the knowledge/skills gained through EILP has resulted specifically in reduced costs for my organization.
34. Overall, the benefits to my organization resulting from my participation in EILP are worth the training time and costs.
PLEASE NOTE : DIFFERENT SCALE Never Occasionally Monthly Weekly Everyday
or so
35. I have been using Pathfinder on a regular basis since attending EILP.
36. How has attending EILP added value for you personally?          
37. How has attending EILP added value for your organization?          
38. Please estimate the financial advantage to your organization from participating in EILP.          
39. Are you interested in any follow up activities? If so, what?          
40. Please share any additional thoughts, suggestions or insights...          
For our analysis purposes only, please complete these demographic questions:
  Gender: Male   Female
  Sector: Health Care Services   Financial Services  Other Services   Manufacturing   Non-Profit   Other
  Span of Control: 10 or less   11-100  101-500  501+
  Enrollment: EMBA  Non-Degree
  Years of Business Experience: less than 10   10-15  16-20  21-25   26+
Thank you for your time and candid insights.