Notre Dame Executive Programs
NCSHA and Notre Dame’s Executive Education are considering the feasibility of an additional executive education seminar. We are gathering information that could be incorporated into the design of such a program that would be sponsored by NCSHA and held at Notre Dame. If created, the new program will build upon the NCSHA Executive Development Program you completed. As a past participant, your perspective and experience are invaluable.
Please complete the following questionnaire by April 28, 2003. NCSHA and Notre Dame’s Executive Education team thank you in advance for your time, input and ideas.
When did you attend the Notre Dame program?
What topics did you find to be the most useful when you returned to your job?
(1 = use frequently; 5 = use seldom, if ever)
Negotiations Managerial Decision Making Marketing
Ethical Issues Trends & Issues Strategic Planning
Entrepreneurship Management of Performance Creativity
Financial Management Leadership / Change Management    
Which of these topics would you like to learn more about?
(Rate each topic on a scale from 1 to 5; 1 = highest level of interest; 5 = do not need additional coursework)
Negotiations Managerial Decision Making Marketing
Ethical Issues Trends & Issues Strategic Planning
Entrepreneurship Management of Performance Creativity
Financial Management Leadership / Change Management    
Of the following list of topics that could be considered for inclusion in a new program, please rank order your top five topics of interest (1= highest level of interest; 2= next highest level of interest, etc.).
Marketing & Sales Management & Leadership
Marketing Tactics
Product Planning and Management
Relationship Marketing
New Product Development
Business to Business Marketing
Sales Management
Marketing Strategy Planning
Planning a Portfolio of Value-based Solution
Developing Value-based Solution Selling Tools
Setting Realistic Growth Targets & Related
Marketing Budgets
Designing More Productive Overall Marketing
Strategies When Adopting a Value Based Selling Approach
Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Business Writing
Report Writing
Proposal Writing
Interviewing Skills
Management vs. Leadership
Leading Change
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Responsibility of Leadership
Conflict Management
Situational Leadership
Managing Technology
Coaching and Counseling
H.R. Issues – Selection, Staffing, Terminations
Effects of Technology on Organizations
Leading with Integrity
Understanding Styles – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Managing Risk
Corporate Culture
Crisis Management
Leading Innovation
Group Decision Processes
Finance / Accounting / Economics Strategic Issues
Economic Value Added
Activity Based Costing
Financial Performance Measures
Valuation Concepts
Analyzing Business Conditions
Legal Issues in Business
Forecasting Models
Understanding Financial Statements
Developing and Implementing Strategy
Competitive Foresight
Systems Thinking
Scenario Analysis
Environmental Scanning
What topics not covered in the Notre Dame program or listed above would you now like to learn more about?
The new program should:
cover fewer topics in greater depth.
present a broad range of topics
cover one specific topic in detail
The Notre Dame program started Sunday evening and ended Friday afternoon. Should the new follow-up program be:
same length
If either shorter or longer, how many days would be best?
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
6 days
other days
Should the new program be conducted:
during the week
over the weekend
Should the new program be offered:
What day should the new program start?
Sunday Evening
Should the new program run concurrently with the existing NCSHA Executive Development Program at Notre Dame?
No Preference
Do you plan to attend NCSHA’s Spring Workshops in Atlanta this May?
Yes - please provide your name
Thank you for your help. We appreciate the time you took to complete this questionnaire. The information provided will be very helpful in the design of the next level of programming sponsored by NCSHA at Notre Dame.
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